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LIFE: ★★★½

Following a 1963 debut in New York, pioneer text painter Gene Beery took up a semi-reclusive life in central California. Idiosyncratic and ever productive, he has become a seminal figure for many young artists.

Maggie Lee

In “Fufu’s Dreamhouse,” her first New York solo exhibition, Maggie Lee (b. 1987) continued to elaborate her diaristic exploration of adolescent girlhood, Millennial subcultures, and style. Rooted in blogging, honed in zines, and realized in Mommy, her...

Yuji Agematsu

For the past 25 years, Japan-born, Brooklyn-based Yuji Agematsu (b. 1956) has maintained an archive of urban detritus—cast-off bits of chewed gum, tattered and illegible printed matter, shrimp shells, lint, etc.-gathered on daily forages through...

Tomorrow, Today: Tara Downs and Tomorrow Gallery

From 2011 to 2013, Tomorrow Gallery was a vital young art space in Toronto. Founded by Tara Downs, Aleksander Hardashnakov and Hugh Scott-Douglas, Tomorrow became a notable hub for emerging artists from throughout Europe and North America.

U:L:O at Interstate Projects

During the summer's usual glut of group shows, it's always refreshing when an art space treats the format less as a mandate and more as a generative opportunity. This summer, Interstate Projects is embracing this challenge.

Corporate Aesthetics: Andrew Norman Wilson

In recent work, Wilson's interventionary role has shifted from worker toward executive. With his stock media production company Sone (formerly named Stock Fantasy Ventures), Wilson produces sleek images, videos and objects that conjure absurdist...

Union Made: Fred Lonidier’s Whitney Biennial Teach-In

The Chorus was invited to the museum by Fred Lonidier, the Oregon-born, San Diego-based artist and activist, to open a "teach-in." Part of his inclusion in the 2014 Biennial (through May 25), the event functioned as both an artist talk and an...

The Last Brucennial: The Interview

"The Last Brucennial," the fifth and final installment of New York artist collective Bruce High Quality Foundation's idiosyncratic biennial, opens this Thursday evening (Mar. 7-Apr. 4).

Insiders’ Outsiders: Clocktower Gallery at Pioneer Works

Getting to Red Hook's Pioneer Works can be something of a trek. It's the scrappy sort of environment that one might readily associate with emerging New York artists and the spaces which support them. But this year, Pioneer visitors will be encounter...

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