Art In America

Jon Rafman

Although Jon Rafman is best known for Internet-based works and narrative videos, his recent exhibition, "You are standing in an open field," was almost evenly divided between installation, sculpture and video. 

Cold Days, Hot Paintings: A German in New York

German painter Anke Weyer's new abstract canvases and drawings, now on view in New York, mark a departure. While her earlier, expressionistic abstractions alluded to landscape, her recent paintings reference the body, both in scale and in their...

I Called Him Scott: An Interview with Scott Reeder

Multimedium artist Scott Reeder is known for a wry use of humor that incorporates both art-historical references and silly jokes. Providing ample quantities of both is his first solo exhibition with New York's Lisa Cooley Gallery, "People Call Me...

Dave Miko and Tom Thayer

At Eleven Rivington's 195 Chrystie Street location, Dave Miko and Tom Thayer's exhibition of collaborative hybrids, "Baseless Legion of Architects Rent Asunder," was exciting, disruptive.

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