Art In America

Scaling Up

Is bigger better? That’s a question many artists and architects are facing, as ever-expanding installations, multivenue exhibitions, vast architectural projects and outsize artworks grab the spotlight. Is bigger better? That's a question many artists...

Postmodernism Style and Subversion 1970–1990

"Postmodernism": a garish pink-and-green neon of the title fizzes at the entrance to the V&A's exhibition, a valiant attempt to grapple with that slipperiest of eras. "Style and Subversion 1970–1990": the show's subtitle implies a seismic struggle,...

Tracey Emin: No Bedtime Story

Now on view in London, the first-ever museum retrospective for Britain's famous "bad girl" artist reveals a depth and vulnerability seldom evident in similar samplings of her work.

Michael Huey: Out of the Past

Reproduction and lineage—issues that affect family identity as well as the meaning of images—haunt an American artist long resident in his ancestral Austria. 

The Turner Prize

The only shock of this annual barometer of British contemporary art was that there was no shock.

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