Art In America

The Last Testament of Ken Price

The West Coast artist spent a lifetime making bold, cunning art in the often disparaged medium of ceramics—and inspiring others to do likewise.

Shakespearean Fish

The retrospective of the endlessly inventive 79-year-old artist Frank Stella opens today (Oct. 30) at the Whitney Museum. Twenty-five years ago, in our October 1990 issue, a sculpture from Stella's postmodernist "Moby Dick" series was featured on our...

From the Archives: Stella Since 1970

Leading up to A.i.A. cover artist Frank Stella's retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art (Oct. 30-Feb. 7, 2016), we present Philip Leider's survey of Stella's paintings from the 1970s, originally published in our March/April 1978 issue.

From the Archives: Earthscapes, landworks and Oz

Dave Hickey tackled Land art with characteristic vigor in an essay for A.i.A.'s September-October 1971 issue. With occasional detours into country music and The Wizard of Oz, he speculated on what seeing Land art as a new form of landscape, and on...

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