Art In America

Rendering the Veil: Izhar Patkin at MASS MoCA

It took 10 years to develop the unique printer used to create the exquisitely rendered veils at the core of Israeli-born artist Izhar Patkin's survey "The Wandering Veil," on view at MASS MoCA.

Face Time at Frieze

The supine man in the shower cap with two straws stuck up his nose was not being treated for art-fair fatigue: he was about to be immortalized in plaster by John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres. It's an art form that Ahearn, who has collaborated with...

Do Ho Suh

The definition of domicile as we know it has been masterfully deconstructed at Lehmann Maupin by the Korean-born artist Do Ho Suh. Brought up in a traditional Korean scholar’s house that was designed by his father (the painter Se-ok Suh) and built out...

20 Years Later and Without Basquiat, Gray Hits the Bowery

Founded by artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman in 1979 at the height of Downtown New York's No Wave moment, the legendary band Gray played only a handful of shows at places like the Mudd Club before losing focus sometime around 1981....

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