Art In America

Beyond the Revolution

In the aftermath of Castro's sweeping late 1950s coup, Cuban artists have generated work reflecting multiple changes in collective and personal sensibility––from idealistic fervor to disillusionment, from social activism to formalist secession, from...

Up Close: Houston Loves Eccentrics

Former East Coast curator Bill Arning finds his adopted Houston surprisingly receptive to artistic oddballs and bold exhibitions in its burgeoning museums and galleries.

Italians Come to America

In its early years Art in America cultivated a taste for Italian art—and fostered a new market for old masters—through scholarly articles by connoisseurs like Bernard Berenson.

Strong Sophomore Outing for Expo Chicago

"I'll tell you what distinguishes this year from last year," Expo Chicago director Tony Karman told A.i.A. at the fair's sophomore outing on Saturday, "and I'll tell you in one word—sales. It was very important that big dealers like David Zwirner ...

Quality Over Quantity at EXPO Chicago

A handsome, spacious design by Studio Gang Architects lent an air of sophistication with wide aisles, an easy grid layout and reflective conical forms dramatically suspended from the ceiling. "The fair has all the right ingredients," said Michael...

Rachel Perry Welty

Massachusetts-based Rachel Perry Welty, who has been exhibiting for about a decade, is known for thoughtful images made by reconstituting such materials as supermarket labels and flyers, receipts, price tags, twist ties and fruit stickers. "24/7,"...

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