Art In America

Mounir Fatmi

Tucked into a corner alcove of Mounir Fatmi’s exhibition “Inside the Fire Circle” was a short video in which the artist sits down at a typewriter, picks up a pair of hammers, and begins to bang on the keyboard with them.

Atlas Dubai: Art Without America

President Trump's seven-nation travel ban has had a chilling effect on Dubai's relations with the West, leaving the US's status as a “global” art center more questionable than ever.


At the 2013 World Government Summit, the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates debuted a new hand gesture. He raised his hand as if in benediction, and extended his thumb, index, and middle fingers. It was nearly identical to the “Serb Salute,”...

Atlas Dubai: Consumed Culture

The work of many artists in Dubai, a locale hosting a hodgepodge of nationalities, suggests that the emirate is not a melting pot but a welter of distinct cultural parts.

Sky Mall: Sophia Al-Maria at the Whitney

September 8, 1978, was a day that shaped the Persian Gulf as we know it. A crescendo of religious demonstrations culminated in a massacre that has come to be known as Iran’s Black Friday. Guards opened fire, killing an estimated eighty-eight...

Paradise Lost: Middle Eastern Art at the Guggenheim

“But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise” at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is a worthwhile, if regrettably diverse show. Curated by Sara Raza, the third and final iteration of the Guggenheim’s UBS MAP Global Art Initiative—an effort to...

Against the Widening Gulf: Arab Art in Tehran

Mohsen Gallery has taken up the historic task of introducing contemporary Arab art to Iran with “Spheres of Influence,” a group show organized by New York-based curator Lila Nazemian, on view through May 11. It seems hard to believe that works by Arab...

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