Art In America

Varieties of Reclamation

Rosalyn Drexler has managed, over the past sixty years, to produce innovative paintings and sculptures that deftly combine pop images with cool formalist devices.

Generation X: Catherine Opie on Robert Mapplethorpe

Last November, FotoFocus organized a conference at the CAC to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the exhibition and to celebrate members of the city's art community who stood up for Mapplethorpe's work. A high point of the conference was artist...

Facts, Figures, Afterthoughts

The Museum of Modern Art's Pablo Picasso retrospective of 1980 attracted over a million visitors, putting an unprecedented strain on the museum's finances, physical plant and staff. In A.i.A.'s December 1980 issue, dedicated to Picasso, Roberta...

Unveiling the Unhouse

An essay by architecture historian Reyner Banham for Art in America’s April 1965 issue overturned mainstream narratives of modernism and predicted the shape of things to come.  

Justine Kurland

American photographers have had a long romance with the road. Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Stephen Shore, to name a few, have spent extended periods of time in their cars, roving the country with their cameras, and Justine Kurland has followed...

Timeline: 100 Years of Art in America

Over the past century, Art in America has developed from a small specialized journal to a major voice in the rapidly changing contemporary art world. To celebrate the magazine's 100-year anniversary, we look back at the milestones that helped define...

Space Conditioning: James Turrell and Las Vegas

There are many venues to experience James Turrell's art of light andspace this summer, but comparatively few opportunities to reflect on the importance of place in his work. The Arizona-based artist known for his spectacular installations that promise...

Clyfford Still, Unpacked

Drawing on a bequest of 825 paintings and 1,500 works on paper, Denver's new Clyfford Still Museum displays the obstreperous artist's work as he demanded. 

Robert Rubin's African Carvings Hit the Sotheby's Block

Sotheby's is poised to present the Robert Rubin Collection of African Art on May 13, with a preview of highlights in Paris, April 12–15. Following major sales of African art over the past two years (the Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation and the Frieda...

From the Archives: Stella Since 1970

Leading up to A.i.A. cover artist Frank Stella's retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art (Oct. 30-Feb. 7, 2016), we present Philip Leider's survey of Stella's paintings from the 1970s, originally published in our March/April 1978 issue.

From the Archives: Reading Ruscha

All through the sixties when large scale signaled "art," when painting and sculpture with macho insistence got bigger and bigger and even the domain of the personal was admired for size (Andy Warhol's retinue), Edward Ruscha continued to produce,...

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