Art In America

A Spin through Swiss Museums

Known for spectacular views of the French Alps, the Swiss cities Geneva and Lausanne also claim lively contemporary art scenes, as proved on a recent visit. Geneva has a bustling gallery district, showing works by emerging artists as well as blue-chip...

55th Venice Biennale

Twenty years ago, "Cardinal Points of Art" was the theme of the 45th Venice Biennale, and the compass was its symbol.

Peculiar and Personal at the Whitney Biennial

"One of the most peculiar galaxies known, this strange system seems to be ejecting material with explosive violence." The description appears in a vintage astronomy book from which Berkeley-based conceptual artist Lutz Bacher has torn 84...

Eleven Rivington Expands to 195 Chrystie

The Lower East Side's Eleven Rivington gallery is opening a new, larger space around the corner at 195 Chrystie St. on Apr. 29. "We already had storage space in the building," director and partner Augusto Arbizo told A.i.A. Friday afternoon while...

Hammer Biennial Artists and Mohn Prize Announced

The roster of emerging and under-recognized L.A. artists for the inaugural Hammer/LAX Art biennial has been released, along with an announcement of a $100,000 prize to be awarded to one participant. Liz Glynn, Analia Saban and Henry Taylor are...

Norman Foster Plays Dealer at ARCO Madrid

At last week's ARCO, Spain's highest profile art fair, dealers complained about subzero conditions in the large halls of the convention center on the outskirts of Madrid. Randi Thommessen of Lautom Contemporary of Oslo said the cold compared with...

Rosamond and Friends

Rosamond Bernier first came to my attention in 1977, when I was about to set out on a lecture tour through the U.S. on behalf of the Alliance Française. Several friends urged me to prepare by attending one of Bernier’s famed art talks at the...

Tracey Emin: No Bedtime Story

Once the bad girl of Young British Art, her works taken seriously by only a few, Tracey Emin now has her first museum survey under way. Will she finally achieve a level of art-world respectability that matches her pop-star notoriety?

Seeing French

Debate over what precisely was at issue in French critical thought—and, indeed, in France itself—in the 1960s and ’70s continues to this day

Witnessing for Women

If there is one central conclusion to be drawn from the recent array of books and catalogues on contemporary women artists, it is that there exists no such thing as women’s art, or even feminist art. Indeed, as many feminist scholars, critics and...

In and (Mostly) Out of Armory

Art in America presents its curtain raiser to the New York art world's March Madness, the 2011 edition of Armory Week. Here are just some of the off-site highlights to hit this week.

Gerhard Richter

This massive five-room show by Gerhard Richter delivered all the gravitas of a museum survey, even as it afforded viewers intimate moments of pure visual delight—an opportunity, in effect, to see Richter’s abstractions afresh. Almost all of the 47...

Laurie Simmons and Marvin Heiferman

An artist and a writer/curator who have known each other since the 1970s share retropective thoughts on the radical changes in art-making, and viewing, with which they were both crucially involved. 

Surrealism To Die For

Many avant-garde artists believed that free imaginings, even at their most gruesome, would help render people unsuitable for social or commercial bondage.

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