Art In America

Suburban Futurism

Arguing that urban sprawl is the dominant growth paradigm of the present and future, the author advocates a close examination of dynamic, amorphous metroplexes like Phoenix and Dubai.

Rosamond and Friends

Rosamond Bernier first came to my attention in 1977, when I was about to set out on a lecture tour through the U.S. on behalf of the Alliance Française. Several friends urged me to prepare by attending one of Bernier’s famed art talks at the...

The Everyone Artwork

Prints have long made art-collecting possible for people of modest means. Now digital entrepreneurs market an updated version of controlled multiplicity—cheap and “authentic.”

In and (Mostly) Out of Armory

Art in America presents its curtain raiser to the New York art world's March Madness, the 2011 edition of Armory Week. Here are just some of the off-site highlights to hit this week.

From the Archives: De(i)fying the Masters

Over the past 15 years, painter Kehinde Wiley has become internationally known for his works combining realistic renderings of contemporary African-Americans and motifs from European portraiture. For A.i.A.’s April 2005 issue, art historian, curator...

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