Art In America

Taking Up Space: An Interview with the Wood Land School

From the beginning, we have aimed to create conditions and spaces for ourselves as Indigenous people and Indigenous artists. I don’t see Wood Land School as a curatorial gesture, but as a project driven by artists.

Unlikely Inspirations: Andrew Ross’s Playlist

Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Ross is the subject of the “First Look” column in our October issue. Here, Ross introduces a compilation of his favorite YouTube videos, many of which are quirkily uplifting. 

MFA Quality

Bruce High Quality Foundation University brought a DIY, group-talk approach to technical training and critical judgment. 

Brian Belott

Brian Belott created a secular church to children’s art for his show at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in Harlem.

Humor and Bite: David Leggett’s Playlist

Chicago-based artist David Leggett is the subject of the "First Look" column in our June/July issue. Here, Leggett introduces a compilation of his favorite videos, many of which tackle thornier aspects of the American experience with humor.

"Total Proof: The Gala Committee 1995–1997"

A few days after Trump’s election, I felt art’s political potential in the unlikeliest of places: Red Bull Studios in Chelsea. Walking under a mosaic archway entrance, I found an elaborate, crackling installation of activist works from the Clinton...

A Leotard for All Occasions: Erin Markey on YouTube

A major part of Erin Markey’s undeniable magnetism is her ability to organically inhabit a variety of personas. The link below is a playlist of ten of my favorite videos that highlight the versatility with which the artist uses her rubber-faced...

First Look: Erin Markey

Ignoring boundaries between drama, comedy and performance art, Brooklyn-based Erin Markey writes and acts in works of outrageous theatricality—including a recent musical about a Michigan girl in love with her family’s pontoon boat.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith’s latest solo exhibition, titled “Excuse me!?! . . . I’m looking for the ‘Fountain of Youth,’” was ambitious, melancholic and hypnotically quiet. Retirement and the leisure time it supposedly affords were the central theme, as Mike,...

Comedy Agenda

Following my essay "Site-Specific Comedy" for AiA's June/July issue, this Comedy Agenda is a resource for readers looking to learn more about the bourgeoning art/comedy movement.

Site-Specific Comedy

David Robbins's book Concrete Comedy and programs such as the Experimental Comedy Training Camp in Banff, Alberta, urge young art humorists to repond directly to specific locales.

Takashi Murakami

I like to play a game before I see a new exhibition by a celebrated artist: on the train ride to the gallery, I make highly specific guesses about what the pieces on view might be.

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