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The Public as Producer

At the Cooper Hewitt, a multipurpose handheld device called the Pen enables visitors to share in “design thinking” through instantaneous searches of the collection and experiments in high-tech drafting.


The sculptures of Takis (born Panayiotis Vassilakis) have waned from view over the past 20 years. Now, simultaneous exhibitions—a compact one at the Menil Collection in Houston and a comprehensive one at the cavernous Palais de Tokyo in Paris—offer...

Tomorrow, Today: Tara Downs and Tomorrow Gallery

From 2011 to 2013, Tomorrow Gallery was a vital young art space in Toronto. Founded by Tara Downs, Aleksander Hardashnakov and Hugh Scott-Douglas, Tomorrow became a notable hub for emerging artists from throughout Europe and North America.

Regarding Allison Katz

A painting by the London-based artist initiates a series of articles, each devoted to the author's personal encounter with a single work of art.

Sebastian Black

Sebastian Black's recent solo exhibition was both promising and disappointing. 

Sebastian Utzni

When asked publicly if he was in possession of Gustave Courbet's painting of the female sex, L'Origine du Monde (The Origin of the World, 1866), Jacques Lacan did not give a clear answer, which was characteristic of the psychoanalyst.

Sharon Kopriva

Seductive and unabashedly narrative, Sharon Kopriva’s first full-scale museum show featured some 65 works—sculptures, assemblages, paintings and drawings—created between 1982 and 2012. Kopriva (b. 1948) gained widespread recognition when Walter...

Marcus Kenney

It almost seems wrong to say that Marcus Kenney draws heav­ily on his rural roots and Southern culture in his photographs, paintings and sculptures.

Sebastian Diaz

The Argentine video artist and filmmaker Sebastian Diaz Morales (b. 1975), who divides his time between Comodoro Rivadavia in his homeland and Amsterdam, is regrettably little known in the U.S., though he has exhibited widely elsewhere around the...

Sex with Sheila Hicks

Paris, a work by Sheila Hicks, hangs on a wall to the right of the fireplace, over my desk. The piece (10 by 5 inches, 1987) is small and sheer. See-through. It appears to be made from a single thread of natural linen (although I think it is made from...

Tamed With a Frame: Sebastian Black

The work in 24-year-old, New York-based painter Sebastian Black's debut solo show, "The Playful Paw-Strokes of the Wilderness," sounds simple. At Chelsea's Kathleen Cullen Fine Art, he will show paintings of dogs comprising two gentle drooping curves...

Top Ten From the Armory Show Modern

What more can you ask of the Armory Show Modern than to provide a few transcendent moments with some art-historical significance and a bit of emotional depth?

Judit Reigl and Jean-Paul Ameline

Janos Gat Gallery presents its third exhibition of the work of artist Judit Reigl, a Hungarian-born painter who arrived in Paris in 1950 to escape the artistic oppression of the Iron Curtain.

From the Archives: Vito Acconci Stars and Stripes

American avant-garde artist-cum-architect Vito Acconci died on April 27 in Manhattan. To commemorate his legacy, we looked back in our archives to our November/December 1976 issue, in which Ross Skoggard responds to a screening of Acconci's 1974...

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