Art In America

In the Studio: Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds

Veteran artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds relates his efforts to commemorate Indigenous history while also critiquing non-Native arrogance in acerbic visual and textual works.

Through Color

An African-American woman who turned to painting full-time at age sixty-nine, Alma Thomas faced many professional barriers—and overcame them all with her colorful mosaiclike abstractions.

Best of New York, 2015

Stuart Comer is chief curator of media and performance at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He recently spoke with A.i.A. about 10 of New York's most noteworthy spaces, exhibitions and projects in 2015.

Stanley Whitney

Stanley Whitney’s two recent shows of lyrical abstract paintings and drawings stepped with springy confidence into an art world where, for the last decade or so, abstraction has been increasingly visible. Whitney has been around New York’s art world...

Cruising the Waterfront

Painter and art historian Jonathan Weinberg remembers the crumbling Hudson River piers of the 1970s and '80s, a zone of gay cruising and maverick art projects, predating today's gentrification and new Whitney.

Jose Freire on Team Gallery’s L.A. Bungalow

Team gallery founder Jose Freire discusses his expansion to Venice Beach, why even he considers it necessary to do art fairs, and the advantages of a domestic-style setting over a white box.

Catherine Murphy Wins Robert De Niro Sr. Prize

The winner of the third annual Robert De Niro Sr. Prize is Catherine Murphy, an artist based in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Bestowed by the Estate of Robert De Niro Sr. and administered by the Tribeca Film Institute, the $25,000 award is presented to one...

Inside the Art Bars

Bars have been as essential to the New York art world as its galleries and museums. Eleven artists reflect on the downtown institutions where creative inspiration could flow as freely as the drinks.  

Dennis Congdon

Rome is a city that can morph from ancient to modern at the turn of a corner. There, the physical sediments of human history commingle in such a way that old and new are often inseparable. 


For "The Nemesims," Muntean/Rosenblum have created an elaborate and rather eerie installation that evokes a home depicted in the computer game The Sims. To create a total environment, the Vienna-based artist team plays architect and curator here...

Top 10 in Painting, 2012

Art in America's critics write their way through the best of 2012. From 1997 to 2007 Raphael Rubinstein was a senior editor at A.i.A.,and he continues a a contributing editor. Rubinstein is currentlyprofessor of critical studies at the University of...

Joyce Pensato Wins Robert De Niro, Sr. Award

The winner was selected by a jury of distinguished members of the art world, including A.i.A.'s editor-at-large and former editor-in-chief, Elizabeth C. Baker; Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles founder Douglas Cramer; and Robert Storr, dean of...

2011's Top Ten in Painting

Art in America's critics write their way through the best of 2011. We've asked leaders in the fine arts to highlight the top works in their areas of special focus.

The Jewel Thief

Artworks are hung salon-style to dizzying heights, or piled one on top of another. Boundaries blur between architecture, furniture and art. Portions of walls are painted lime green or blazing orange, and the floor is partly covered with sharp-angled...

Sculpture in a Contracted Field

The "Statuesque" show currently on view in Manhattan's City Hall Park offers a controversial take on sculpture's figurative possibilities. 

John Baldessari

On the occassion of the retrospective opening at Tate Modern, the American icon reflects on his signature occupations: tilting against pretension, teaching without telling students what to do, trying to find "art bedrock."

‚??Infinite Patience‚?Ě

“Infinite Patience” draws together three artists who have been developing their approaches and iconographies since the 1970s. What unites the trio—James Drake, Kunié Sugiura and Stanley Whitney—is a “not-quite” sensibility, a willingness to resist...

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