Art In America

Stephanie Smith on Mark Dion

"We need Mark's artful mix of science, nerdiness, creative obsession, wonder, and humor right now."

AICA Announces Best Show Awards

Among the recipients are two shows featured in Art in America's March issue: museum exhibitions devoted toJay DeFeo and Ken Price. The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, at the center of controversy over its finances and possible mergers, wins a...

Christian Boltanski No Man's Land

As Christian Boltanski was making final preparations for his installation No Man’s Land at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, the artist met with A.i.A. to discuss the piece. On view May 14 to June 13, it’s the second contemporary art commission...

29 Chains to the Moon

In 1938, Buckminster Fuller observed in his book Nine Chains to the Moon that there were enough humans on earth to form nine chains reaching to the moon; at our current population of 6.7 billion, we could forge an astounding 29.

Art Basel and Beyond

While many in the art world are sitting out or cutting back on this summer’s round of international events because of slashed travel budgets, fair organizers and art dealers are still banking on Basel. Some collectors, however, citing the global...

Video Vortex: A Conversation with Shana Moulton

On May 10th, artist Shana Moulton will stage a performance at Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool to celebrate the closing of her exhibition there; on April 2010, she'll present a weeklong program at the Kitchen in New York. Here, the artist talks about the...

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