Art In America

A Letter to Stephen Shore

You look at a curb, a bag, a bed, a plate and cutlery, and, in time, they become what they've always been, or what they always might have been if anyone had looked before: a horizon, a vanishing point, a frame.

A Generous Medium: In Conversation with Melissa Catanese

Along with her partner, the photographer Ed Panar, Melissa Catanese runs Spaces Corners, a photo book store in Pittsburgh. The store is small, and only open on Saturdays and by appointment, but along with Dashwood Books in New York, and Photo Eye in...

In the Studio: Donald Moffett

A veteran of the AIDS-activist group Gran Fury, Donald Moffett relates how, since the early 1990s, he has produced paintings made with cake-decorating tools, monochromes serving as screens for socially engaged video projections, assemblage-style...

Ken Okiishi

American artist Ken Okiishi’s second solo show at Mathew, “Eggleston und Andere, ‘reality bites,’ made numerous art historical references while at the same time attempting to free itself from them. 

Justine Kurland

American photographers have had a long romance with the road. Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Stephen Shore, to name a few, have spent extended periods of time in their cars, roving the country with their cameras, and Justine Kurland has followed...

Malerie Marder: Out of Her Comfort Zone

Exploring legalized prostitution in Holland, American photographer Malerie Marder found inspiration for a new series of works currently on view in New York.

Angela Berry

Carnival and second lines, piracy and political corruption, crawfish boils and jazz festivals, gun violence and police misconduct and, of course, Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath—all have been mined in the ongoing affirmation of New Orleans as a...

What's in a Number

What happens when photographers expand editions that collectors assumed to be closed? A pending lawsuit raises hard questions.

Roving Ei: The Growing Panic

I am in San Francisco this week so I've been exploring the local crop of art, which is mainly photos. The Wattis Institute at California College of the Arts had a show, "More American Photographs," that inexactly paired photographers from the Farm...

La Carte D’Apres Nature

The fertile gap between reality and its representation is the focus of this thoughtful and ingeniously constructed group exhibition, curated by Thomas Demand. The show takes as its starting point the work of René Magritte, specifically Magritte’s...

Production Site

Production Site: The Artist's Studio Inside-Out reflects on the singularly tense position between projection and the real (that of both audience and artist) occupied by the artist's studio. The exhibition at the MCA Chicago includes the works of 13...

Tim Davis

Tim Davis began the series of color C-prints he titled “The New Antiquity” in Rome, a city steeped in history and art, where what looks to be a pile of rocks might well turn out to be a temple site or ancient ruin. During his stay there on a Rome...

Paging: Bob Nickas on Abstraction

You could say Bob Nickas behaves more like an artist than a critic. Since moving to New York in 1984, he has developed a reputation for being a truly independent voice in his field, working against the prevailing narratives of  contemporary art...

The Community of Difference

With subjects ranging from ice fishing to body piercing, Catherine Opie is compiling a distinctive record of modern American life.

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