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Best of New York, 2015

Stuart Comer is chief curator of media and performance at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He recently spoke with A.i.A. about 10 of New York's most noteworthy spaces, exhibitions and projects in 2015.

Whitney Biennial 2014

Is there such a thing as curatorial temperament? On the basis of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, the answer would have to be a qualified yes, or rather three stifled "yeahs."

Union Made: Fred Lonidier’s Whitney Biennial Teach-In

The Chorus was invited to the museum by Fred Lonidier, the Oregon-born, San Diego-based artist and activist, to open a "teach-in." Part of his inclusion in the 2014 Biennial (through May 25), the event functioned as both an artist talk and an...

Mark Morrisroe

Mark Morrisroe died young, in 1989, but he left behind 2,000 photographs that uniquely chronicle a milieu of cutting-edge artists and rough-trade hustlers.

Internationalism and Insularity in Tel-Aviv

This year, city of Tel Aviv-Yafo celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding and Art TLV, the city's new art biennial, is one of the central attractions. Scheduled between the Athens and Istanbul biennials, the mission of the Israeli biennial...

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