Art In America

Moving Memorials: “Lost and Found” at Danspace Project

Last Wednesday's ACT UP meeting was gloomy. Members of the AIDS-awareness activist group had been preparing strategies for actions under a Clinton administration. Amid the confusion, anger, and fear, the longtime members-the ones who joined in 1987,...

Seeds of Resistance: Complex Movements in Detroit

As powers that be move to reorganize Detroit, what becomes of the communities who have held it together through a time of abandonment? What becomes of the individuals who cannot conform to the new order? What place, what tools, what vestige of old...

Danny Lyon

Providing the most comprehensive survey of photographer Danny Lyon’s work to date, “A Message to the Future” is a timely exhibition for an era of renewed political activism. A photographic heir to both Walker Evans and Robert Frank, Lyon emerged in...

Stephen Hayes

Eighteen landscape paintings (all 2016) made up the exhibition Stephen Hayes called “In the Hour Before,” most depicting unremarkable terrain. Roseburg (10-1-15) resembles a Daubigny only just begun, with light camouflage colors—brown, tan, and Army...

Overview: Los Angeles Reflections

Type “Los Angeles” into the search box of and you will see over seventy thousand images, many of which look very much the same. For the works in a recent exhibition at Gagosian in Beverly Hills, Alex Israel spent what must have been...

The Agenda: This Week in New York

A.i.A. editors suggest a few of the myriad events taking place in New York this week: an experimental jazz performance by a Mary Halvorson-led trio at Roulette; a talk between Lynn Hershman Leeson and Michelle Kuo at Light Industry; a symposium on...

In the Studio: Kathe Burkhart

With a survey of her ongoing “Liz Taylor” painting series about to open in Switzerland, Brooklyn-based Kathe Burkhart discusses her longstanding identification with the controversial film star, praising her as an icon of dominant female...

From the A.i.A. Archives: Representing Race

In our September 2011 issue, art historian Sue Taylor tackled the subject of Malvina Hoffman's infamous Field Museum bronzes in a book review of Marianne Kinkel's Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman.

Rae Mahaffey

In “So-and-So,” Rae Mahaffey presented 11 abstract paintings (all 2015) that signal an exciting high point in an already accomplished, 30-year career. Impeccably crafted, with beautiful, layered surfaces, the colorful panels are relatively large for...

Going Underground: An Interview with Simone Leigh

Simone Leigh's Free People's Medical Clinic (FPMC) was originally a community-based art commission for "Funk, God, Jazz and Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn," a collaboration between Creative Time and the Weeksville Heritage Center. Here, the artist...

Taylor Mac

Here is an endurance-art accomplishment for you: wearing falsies for 24 hours straight. We’re not talking boobs—so 20th-century drag—but eyelashes.     

Julia Stoops

Over the past two decades, Julia Stoops has forged a multi-faceted career in Portland, founding a design studio, teaching art, writing fiction and showing her paintings at various venues around the city.

Alex Chaves

The surfaces shine. Maybe it’s sweat. Perhaps the walls, the floors, the chairs and anything that surrounds the figures present in Alex Chaves’s latest body of oils are perspiring with the labor of becoming abstract. 

Ellen Lesperance

Despite wishful arguments for art as an agent of change, art-making itself can never be confused with real activism, where personal liberty, livelihoods, bodies, even lives are laid on the line. 

Art Basel Hong Kong Reveals 2015 Exhibitor List

The organizers have shifted the event two months earlier from its customary slot in May to Mar. 15-17, but as usual the fair takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With 231 galleries from 37 countries and territories, the...

Cold War, Cool Art

Richard Kalina reviews A Conspiracy of Images: Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and the Art of the Cold War, by John J. Curley.

Dan Attoe

In this exhibition of eight exquisite new paintings and drawings (all works 2013 or 2014), Dan Attoe installed an anomalous, 6-foot-tall neon bloodhound head accompanied by the statement "I know more than you think I do."

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