Art In America

David Douard

It's no secret that beneath the sleek, digital surfaces of present-day life lies a dark, all-too-material underbelly. The excess and waste of today's technology as well as the chaotic overflow of information formed the basis of ")juicy o'f the...

Keeping Up with Fionn Meade at the Independent

Shortly after the noon preview opening of New York's Independent art fair on Thursday, A.i.A. met writer and curator Fionn Meade on the fourth floor of the iconic former Dia Art Foundation building in Chelsea for a walkthrough of the fair.

Opaque Solutions: An Interview with Alisa Baremboym

At first glance, New York-based artist Alisa Baremboym's work can be perplexing. Working with a range of unlikely materials—including silk, ceramic, plastic, steel and petroleum-based emollient gel—her sculptures erode the distinctions separating...

Joshua Citarella

Joshua Citarella is a young New York artist with a particular adeptness at navigating the increasingly blurry divide between the gallery and the Internet. 

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