Art In America

The Body That Jill Built

Beginning as a dance columnist in the 1960s, Jill Johnston invented a hybrid brand of criticism—and a wildly energetic body of writing—melding analysis, sensory awareness, raw emotions, linguistic play and autobiography.

Inside the Art Bars

Bars have been as essential to the New York art world as its galleries and museums. Eleven artists reflect on the downtown institutions where creative inspiration could flow as freely as the drinks.  

Joanna Malinowska In The Studio

Born in Gdynia, Poland, in 1972, Malinowska came to the U.S. in 1994. Attending Rutgers University, she majored in art but was also keenly interested in cultural anthropology, which has proved to be important to her subsequent work. After...

From the Archives: Earthscapes, landworks and Oz

Dave Hickey tackled Land art with characteristic vigor in an essay for A.i.A.'s September-October 1971 issue. With occasional detours into country music and The Wizard of Oz, he speculated on what seeing Land art as a new form of landscape, and on...

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