Art In America

Taking Up Space: An Interview with the Wood Land School

From the beginning, we have aimed to create conditions and spaces for ourselves as Indigenous people and Indigenous artists. I don’t see Wood Land School as a curatorial gesture, but as a project driven by artists.

Weird Main Character: Walter K. Scott’s Playlist

Canadian artist Walter K. Scott is the subject of the "First Look" column in our January issue. Wendy's Revenge, his second volume of collected comic-strips, was published by Koyama Press last November. Here, Scott introduces a compilation of videos...

First Look: Walter K. Scott

Walter K. Scott skewers the art world—especially young artists' often self-destructive pursuit of success—through the comic-strip misadventures of his alter ego, Wendy.

Unveiling the Unhouse

An essay by architecture historian Reyner Banham for Art in America’s April 1965 issue overturned mainstream narratives of modernism and predicted the shape of things to come.  

Michael Scott

Intermittently since 1989, the New York painter Michael Scott has made black-and-white line paintings in enamel on large honeycomb aluminum panels. Intensely optical, each consists of one or more fields of slender, straight-edged stripes of equal...

In the Studio: Brent Green

Using stop-action animation, found materials, provocative voiceovers and alternative music, the Pennsylvania artist has developed a weird-folk form of cinema and live performance.

Learning Styles

Before the Bauhaus was a brand, it was a school. Its heterodox pedagogy is addressed in a Chicago exhibition of recent work by a range of artists. 

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