Art In America

Xaviera Simmons

In Xaviera Simmons’s exhibition “CODED,” the human figure and the landscape are presented as complex territories that both invite and resist mapping. Her photographs and videos pair alluring bodies with desolate expanses of land or sea. A video cuts...

Pattern Play: An Interview with Cheryl Donegan

In Cheryl Donegan's New Museum exhibition "Scenes + Commercials", curators Johanna Burton and Sara O'Keeffe consider the artist's video work and so much more. The show serves as the debut of Donegan's DIY fashion line called EXTRA LAYER, created...

Hands Over Head: An Interview with Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson's show at New York's Cheim & Read, "onthisisland" (through Aug. 29), combines candy-colored compositions of oil, paint, sand and wax on canvas with subtle graphite drawings and beautifully lush watercolors. Pierson spoke to A.i.A. about...

John Baldessari

With "Movie Scripts/Art" at Marian Goodman Gallery, John Baldessari created a world of unsteady narratives with a series of large diptychs. 

Adam Putnam

Adam Putnam examines the social and aesthetic dimensions of human bodies, often by pushing the physical limits of his own. 

Art Basel Miami Beach Launches Wednesday

ABMB was founded in 2002 under the leadership of Sam Keller as a sister fair to Art Basel, and has grown from an initial roster of 155 galleries to the super-fair with multiplying satellites that we know today.

Miami, Miami, Miami

Having weathered a brutal economic year, the art world heads to Miami this month for some sun, sand and, hopefully, sales. Some fairs are offering premium booths at last year's prices, or have rejiggered fees, downsized or relocated to offset costs,...

Laurie Simmons and Marvin Heiferman

An artist and a writer/curator who have known each other since the 1970s share retropective thoughts on the radical changes in art-making, and viewing, with which they were both crucially involved. 

Photo Play: The Story of the Pictures Generation

Arriving in New York from Los Angeles, Buffalo and beyond, several loosely affiliated cohorts met and mingled with artists native to the city, traded ideas, shared allegiances and became a "generation."

From the Archives: The Museum of the Third Kind

In which the author envisions new directions for the art museum as audiences change, architecture evolves, institutions subdivide and electronic resources expand our capabilities and expectations.

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