Art In America

The Body Politic: A Conversation with Elizabeth Jaeger

In the last few years, Elizabeth Jaeger has moved away from figuration to more stylized sculptural forms that only suggest the female body, thus literalizing objectification in order to subvert misogynistic associations obliquely and profoundly.

“Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power”

“Soul of a Nation” demonstrates different ways black artists from across the United States contended with issues of identity and representation and the role of art in a society pervaded with racism.

The Long Island Art Vortex: A Conversation with Daniel Heidkamp

New York artists have traveled the hundred-some miles to Long Island's East End since the late nineteenth century. Daniel Heidkamp's exhibition "Coasting," now on view at Harper's Books, includes eleven new paintings that show a complex representation...

Overview: The National Exhibition

Both the Whitney Biennial and the Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art opened in March. The Biennial is old: the current iteration is its seventy-second. The Triennial, which closed in May, was in its first edition.

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst’s exhibition “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable” is like a vast art theme park, a journey into a fantasy world in which myriad mythologies and cultures collide. 

“A Surrealist Banquet”

The table is set with silverware compressed into blocks by César. The décor includes a still life of a bouquet by Balthus and a towering centerpiece of painted bronze breasts by Hans Bellmer. The main courses include a meatball speared on a fork by...

Sharjah Biennial

Biennial themes are often underdeveloped, amounting to little more than mood-setting phrases that give a poetic gloss to eclectic displays of artwork.

“Commercial Break”

The huge digital billboards wrapping the architecture of Times Square form what marketing experts call a "brandscape."

Susan Hiller

"Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationalists," Sol LeWitt famously wrote. But few conceptual artists have delved into mysticism with as much intelligence and historical perspective as Susan Hiller. Her third eye-opening exhibition at...

Nancy Spero

"It's horrific," Nancy Spero (1926–2009) told an interviewer with "Art21," "trying to show the insanity and brutality of war." She was speaking about Maypole: Take No Prisoners, her installation for the 2007 Venice Biennale that has been re-created at...

Flickering Portraits: A Barbara Meter Retrospective

A belief in physiognomy as essence, complex and tinged with nostalgia, permeates the short experimental films of avant-garde Dutch artist Barbara Meter. This Sunday, the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens presents a screening of the relatively...

William Cordova

A maze-like construction of wooden two-by-fours fills the main gallery of “Smoke Signals: Sculpting in Time,” William Cordova’s third solo exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins.  Around the periphery of the structure, one encounters a multitude of artworks...

Soshiro Matsubara

An atmosphere of decadence and sensuality can easily encourage ponderous meditations on death. With “Sleeves of Desire II,” his first solo show in New York, Soshiro Matsubara has gone with a light touch, cultivating an environment informed by...

“Outlaw Glass”

For a man of culture and taste, choosing a bong can be a tricky task. The range of options can feel limited: water pipes weighted down with tired psychedelia or sterile cylinders emblazoned with bro graphics. The premise of this exhibition of...

Poems Without Words

With a 1975 series of stacked-line compositions, the painter David Reed began to garner recognition from critics and peers alike. Now those legendary works from his first solo exhibition are on view again, raising intriguing questions about cultural...

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