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“Language of the Birds: Occult in Art

It can be tricky to account for the dark arts in the white cube. Though many key modern artists were hardly shy about voicing their enthusiasm for the occult, art historians and curators, working within Enlightenment disciplines, have had a harder...

Overview: Back to Nature

Alan Sonfist’s Time Landscape (1965-ongoing) returned to full bloom this past summer. The public artwork looked fresh in a season of exhibitions around New York teeming with organic matter.

Facts, Figures, Afterthoughts

The Museum of Modern Art's Pablo Picasso retrospective of 1980 attracted over a million visitors, putting an unprecedented strain on the museum's finances, physical plant and staff. In A.i.A.'s December 1980 issue, dedicated to Picasso, Roberta...

Overview: Between the High and the Low

Overview is a new review column in which writers survey multiple exhibitions or other projects. This month’s edition covers the shows “International Pop,” at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; “Revolution of the Eye,” at the Jewish Museum, New York;...

Sharjah Biennial

Feeling out of place, I found myself marching through the streets of Sharjah with hundreds of others—artists, curators, critics and students—who had come for the opening weekend of the ambitious biennial in this tiny emirate bordering Dubai.

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik has been described as the "father of video art," but the medium-specific moniker obscures his broader fascination with how technologies alter our bodies and our perceptions.

First Look: Jamian Juliano-Villani

The Brooklyn-based artist's lush, cartoonish paintings, currenty on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, boldly link disparate cultures and historical eras.

Inventing Pop Abstraction

Uniting firmly outlined forms and bold colors, American painter Nicholas Krushenick created a new nonobjective vocabulary in the 1960s.    

The Breath of Life

Long an icon of feminism and sexual liberation, the artist now finds artistic counsel, erotic pleasure and spiritual sustenance in her many kissing cats.

niv Acosta

Departing from his Denzel Washington obsession, the transgender Dominican artist debuts a four-person dance performance that mixes disco beats, racial themes and sci-fi speculations.

R.H. Quaytman

R.H. Quaytman sticks to the rules, even when she's out of her element. The paintings she has produced since 2001 adhere to certain self-imposed parameters.

SITElines.2014: Unsettled Landscapes

The theme of this biennial is "Unsettled Landscapes," though the work I found most exemplary of the show's concerns offered more of a pastoral vision.

Identity Crisis

This month, A.i.A. examines the creative economy that links contemporary art and graphic design.    

12th Bienal Internacional de Cuenca

A voice from another world resounded through the Casa de los Arcos, a rambling structure perched above the Tomebamba River in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

René Daniëls

René Daniëls is often described as a "cult" figure, an appropriately ambiguous honorific for the Dutch painter whose body of work from the mid-1980s has been hugely influential even if it has provided little grist for typical canonizing...

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