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Franklin Sirmans Takes the Helm at PĂ©rez Art Museum

The Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) has appointed Franklin Sirmans its new director, effective October 15. Sirmans, age 46, has been department head and curator of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art since 2010.

Blood and Refuse

From his poignant response to the Watts Uprising to his contemplative work in Joshua Tree, "junk art" virtuoso Noah Purifoy was a guiding figure for generations of African-American artists. 

Cruel and Ecstatic Migrations: An Interview with Brian Butler

"I'm tapping into a metaphysical realm where limitations of space and time don't exist. So there are several things going on at once. It's between a dream and being awake. It's a state just between those two. And if you can stay there, then you can...

Links: Q+A with Noah Davis

A.i.A. sat down with Davis in what he calls the Underground Museum, his experimental art space/studio/residence in L.A.'s Crenshaw district, on the eve of "The Missing Link," his solo exhibition at Roberts & Tilton [through Mar. 30].

Meleko Mokgosi's Existentialism

Pax Kaffraria: Sikhueselo Sembumbulo (2012), Botswana-born painter Meleko Mokgosi's stunning 60-foot-long canvas currently on view at the Hammer Museum at part of "Made in L.A.," presents viewers with a portrait of postcolonial life in southern...

PST Causes Explosions Over Los Angeles

It's rare for a rifle to be shot at an art event, Chris Burden notwithstanding. The mechanical violence of gunfire seems anathema to the presumed humanism of the arts. Yet the resurrection of French sculptor, painter, and performer Niki de Saint...

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