Art In America

Jennifer Packer

How does one simultaneously confront these oppressive forces without allowing the nefarious visual order of surveillance to dictate the ways in which those most oppressed by it are seen? 

Andrea Zittel

Since the 1990s, Andrea Zittel has endeavored to better comprehend and process the human experience by imposing structure and order on her daily life and lived environment.  

Testing Trust: TBA:17 in Portland

As a home base for the festival, Portland has a unique cultural character. Renowned for its progressivism and quaint urbanity, the City of Roses is also the whitest large city in the United States, and Oregon has the highest Klan membership per capita...

Kishio Suga

Kishio Suga's exhibition offered a careful choreography of sticks leaning against wood panels, ropes wrapped around rocks, fabric strips twisted around curved metal plates, and concrete blocks sandwiching blades of grass.  

Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan’s first solo exhibition flowed like a nostalgic but sobering love ballad, the seven sculptures speaking to the beauty found in the fluctuations of nature, industry, and culture. 

Sam Durant

Sam Durant imbues his work with morally fraught historical narratives of the sort that, properly understood, might make for a more effectual United States citizenry.

Atlas Miami: Place Markers

While Ugo Rondinone's flourescent multicolored stone stack reinforces Miami's bright-skyscraper ethos, works by Beverly Buchanan, Onajide Shabaka, and César Trasobares more thoughtfully represent the city's diverse social history.

Beverly Buchanan

“Beverly Buchanan—Ruins and Rituals” inaugurates “A Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism,” a series of ten exhibitions and public programs at the Brooklyn Museum marking the tenth anniversary of the museum’s Sackler Center for...

Toba Khedoori

Toba Khedoori’s intricate renderings of decontextualized architectural spaces on wall-size swaths of wax-treated paper exist in a liminal state: they are highly detailed and precise, yet remain reticent and shrouded in mystery. 

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

The eerie prescience of Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s recent show at Postmasters was brought home in the wake of the presidential election, as protesters converged night after night in front of New York’s Trump Tower.

Neil Raitt

This past summer, the cult television show “The Joy of Painting” (1983–94) became available on Netflix, reigniting interest in host and painter Bob Ross, whose soothing voice and iconic Afro accompanied an endearing habit of sprinkling life...

Made in LA

The third iteration of the Hammer Museum’s Made in LA biennial—organized by the museum’s Aram Moshayedi and the Renaissance Society’s Hamza Walker—proposed a current art scene that is much more diverse, with artists whose backgrounds and practices are...

The Public as Producer

At the Cooper Hewitt, a multipurpose handheld device called the Pen enables visitors to share in “design thinking” through instantaneous searches of the collection and experiments in high-tech drafting.

Unknown Makers

Casts and copies once played a key role in education of artists and their public. Will the ever-proliferating, ever-improving images and 3D reproductions made possible by new technology soon become fully legal and critically legitimate?

Elaine Cameron-Weir

New York–based Canadian artist Elaine Cameron-Weir creates sculptures that combine peculiar natural elements—e.g., mica, frankincense, and clamshells—with industrially made objects to evoke rich cultural histories and myths.

Channa Horwitz

As a student at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, in the late 1960s, Channa Horwitz (1932–2013) developed a graphing system that she would use for over four decades, producing some fifteen hundred pieces of ephemera and finished works...

John Outterbridge

Octogenarian John Outterbridge, who had a distinguished career in arts administration at the Pasadena Art Museum (now the Norton Simon Museum) and the Watts Towers Arts Center, is best known for his poignant assemblages that meld reminders of American...

Jennifer Bartlett

The large oil diptychs in Jennifer Bartlett’s stunning and engaging show generously expand on her distinctive visual vocabulary. From her Minimalist focus on houses and fences in the early ’90s to her series of grid-based, pixelated paintings and...

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