And the Villagers Never Liked You Anyway


At the Brooklyn-based collective Sorry Archive’s collaborative exhibition “And the Villagers Never Liked You Anyway,” a 10-foot-square sandbox is divided into 10 plots, each with its own curator; among them are Brooklyn’s SIGNAL and 99¢ Plus galleries. The archeological experiment posits exhibitions as historical sites and suggests a way for disparate groups to collaborate peacefully. Overseen by the eccentric and fictitious Dr. Ulf Hueber (brought to life by an actor who conducted the first dig at the show’s opening), visitors who don’t mind getting their hands dirty can excavate “artifacts” from the sandbox. There are humorous moments: one plot features a surveillance camera that monitors the others on a small CCTV screen, protected from the sand in a plexiglass box. This Saturday there’s an evening of performances curated by Sam Draxler for the New York Performance Art Collective, featuring artists Meredith Neuman, Sara Grace Powell and Tyler Ashley.