Carolyn Salas


The sculptures and reliefs in this show engage in sinuous conversations with each other and the viewer. Using the vocabulary of cool abstraction, Salas creates an installation in which we make the moves to bring it all together. The “Cut Outs”—white planar works about eight feet tall—seem to play paper to the graphite-gray tubular forms titled “Movement Studies,” which can suggest 3-D scribbles. Viewers observe different graphite configurations through the variously shaped openings of different “Cut Outs,” as if in a walk-in sketchbook. For her second New York solo show, Salas presents a body of work that stands out with its confidence and specificity.


Pictured: Installation view of “Carolyn Salas”; at Koenig & Clinton, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Koenig & Clinton, New York. Photo Jeffrey Sturges, New York.