Leonhard Hurzlmeier


The German painter Leonhard Hurzlmeier has spent most of his young career depicting women. “All New Women,” his current show at Rachel Uffner (his first in the States) follows “New Women” and “Latest Women,” both at Munich galleries. These colorful, graphic portraits, painted in a style that is simultaneously flat and Cubist, all show individual figures engaged in activities ranging from the leisurely (playing ice hockey, riding a bicycle with a dog perched in a basket) to the naughty (stealing jewelry, being drunk at the beach). It’s fun to imagine how Hurzlmeier would tackle a chaotic group scene. Don’t forget to check out Uffner’s second floor gallery, hung with smaller drawings of blocky heads on paper. —Leigh Anne Miller


Pictured: Leonhard Hurzimeier: Leisure, 2016–17, oil on canvas, 78¾ by 47 inches. Courtesy Rachel Uffner, New York.