Lutz Bacher


Lutz Bacher’s art is described as “elusive” or “difficult” but it’s often funny, too. Empire (2014), the installation that dominates the ground floor display of her current exhibition, is a jubilant riposte to Warhol’s Empire (1964), the epically long shot celebrating a skyscraper’s severe singularity. Bacher took one shot of the edifice, too, but the image shoots from several projectors onto lifesize panes of glass that stand at a jumble of angles. The Empire State Building’s erection is impressive but the glass is flaccid—the panes are kept from toppling over by sandbags bases—and so the skyscraper goes limp in its multiplication, looking like identical tourist photos tagged on Instagram. This is not the solemn rectitude of Warhol’s 16mm film. Elsewhere in the street-level space, one finds the tomfoolery of stickers with triangle motifs on a fake stone wall and the latent slapstick of a floor strewn with marbles.