Marta Chilindron


Made from jointed planes of brightly colored acrylic, seven sculptures—some wall-hung, some on tabletops, one forming a gargantuan maze (a featured project at last May’s Art Basel Hong Kong)—reflect the Uruguayan-born, New York-based artist’s ongoing investigation of manipulable forms and spaces. Drawing on sources ranging from Russian Constructivism to Lygia Clark, Chilindron explores the myriad ways that everyday objects can be transformed into purely geometric forms, and one geometric form can morph into others. All that is solid melts . . . well, not into air but into something unexpected, suggesting the unrelenting flux of existence. Visitors can view the works, play with hand-size models and watch a video of larger pieces undergoing their fascinating transformations. The show can be viewed on Sundays, from 1-4 pm.