Michael DeLucia


CAD drawings of such mundane items as a dustpan, a tissue box, and a T-bone steak may not sound like the kind of material that lends itself to a riveting gallery exhibition. But Michael DeLucia’s new prints (all 2016) are as intricately composed as the plywood wall reliefs cut with a CNC router and large-scale, faux-marble sculptures for which the Brooklyn-based artist is better known. Certain objects, like a tank, are presented in both isometric projection and elevation renderings, each version employing red, green, and blue ink; the dimensionality of these drawings is mesmerizing. Untitled (tissue box) and Untitled (dust pan) are no less appealing for their single-color palette. The box is printed in a lacelike pattern so delicate and detailed it’s hard to believe it wasn’t hand-drawn, while the blue-shadowed tissue appears to flutter off the paper support. —Leigh Anne Miller 


Pictured: Michael DeLucia: 9-T-9, 2016, ink on paper, 48 by 36 inches each. Courtesy 11R, New York. Photo Charles Benton.