Mira Dancy


Exuberant, voluptuous female nudes luxuriate and pose in “Yes,” New York-based artist Mira Dancy’s playful show at Chapter. Screen Test in Agony’s Garden (2015), an acrylic wall painting, stretches across the back corner of the tiny Lower East Side gallery, the crotch of the reclining figure suggestively placed where the two walls meet. This exhibition is the first to showcase the artist’s works on paper, and the five acrylic-on-paper selections foreground Dancy’s fluid Matissean lines, as well as her interest in the occult. Strokes of the artist’s signature electric palette—here in shades of purple, blue and mint—animate Three Graces Blue (2013), the only drawing on view incorporating color. It appears opposite a figurative neon relief, Blue Flame (2015), the word “yes” incorporated into the loosely sketched figure of a buxom woman, its cool light lending the room a witchy glow.


Pictured: Installation view of “Yes”; at Chapter NY. Courtesy the artist and Chapter NY.