Nina Beier


Suffocation is a running theme in this Berlin-based Danish artist’s first solo show at Metro Pictures. One group of works sees coco fesses (the French word for species of doubled coconut that resembles a derriere) stationed in dirt mounds. In another series, framed compositions of deflated down jackets and wigs are surrounded by nooselike Hermès ties decorated with silly motifs, like peanuts and turtles. “Plunge” features objects from fish to coins eerily suspended in oversize wine glasses. By rendering objects in three dimensions sourced from online image-bank searches, Beier follows the inquiry this gallery has pursued for more than three decades about the psychological effects of image circulation and reproduction. Bringing these pictures from the 2-D screen to strangled life, Beier’s dystopian approach updates the dark irony of Cindy Sherman, Jack Goldstein and their ilk.