Paul Kopkau


For Paul Kopkau’s first solo exhibition, Company has covered its floor with blue pile carpeting, and the prickly softness primes the viewer for the deeply, diversely textured works on the walls. Kopkau has painted brown monochromes on assemblages of plywood and splayed wicker, knit beanies for octopus-shaped clumps of mop fibers, sprayed automotive paint on frames where it beaded and dried as silvery barnacles. The tactile abundance of his assemblages brings to mind a craft store, or a tchotchke collection. But the limited palette of brown, burgundy, black, and silver adds restraint. The result is a warm and melancholy tableau, rich with the feeling of a souvenir that faintly recalls something grand. —Brian Droitcour


Pictured: Paul Kopkau: Palm Crest #2 (full bloom), 2016, polyester velvet, spray paint, enamel paint, plexiglass, machine embroidery, denim, vinyl, silkscreen ink, glaze coat, pine, wall texture, automotive paint, and steel, 37 by 23 inches. Courtesy Company Gallery, New York.