R. H. Quaytman


R. H. Quaytman lights out in a new direction with this show, which debuts her use of encaustic, polyurethane and wood relief. The unusual installation creates tiny side rooms, which lend greater drama to one piece in particular, a tumorous-looking, multicolored blob sculpture that hangs from the wall. What’s consistent is that she conceives of her works in groups she calls “chapters,” and, as Steel Stillman wrote in A.i.A. in 2010, “one unvarying rule is that each chapter relates to the site where it was first exhibited.” This body of work, O Tópico, Chapter 27, was commissioned for the sprawling Brazilian botanical garden and art park Inhotim, where it will appear in a pavilion custom-designed by Quaytman’s frequent collaborator, architect Solveig Fernlund. The Golden Spiral, a widely used logarithmic shape, is a leitmotif throughout the show.