Sascha Braunig


The wireframe bodies in Sascha Braunig’s latest paintings can be as sinuous as string figures or as rigid as metal grills. They inhabit illusionistic spaces defined by the deceptively simple gradients or environments warped by bold, Op-Art patterns. Masterfully painted, Braunig’s works can feel a little cold and airless, but somehow this only heightens their lurid undertones. One figure seems wrought from neon tubes—or are they intestines? A skeletal construction of woven white wire poses behind a screen of flayed skin. Several of the canvases here share narrow, vertical proportions that facilitate depictions of constraint, with billowing fabrics pressed into wire corsets or spindly forms squeezed between curvaceous folds. —William S. Smith


Pictured: Sascha Braunig: Unseen Forces, 2017, oil on linen over panel, 42 by 36 inches. Courtesy Foxy Production, New York. Photo Mark Woods.