Dominic Willsdon


How long have you worked in your current job?
Three years.

What do you like most about your job?
I like my colleagues.  I like the care for art education that there is in the Bay Area.

What would you change about the art world?

Some people (curators, collectors etc.) are still said to have “a good eye”.  I’d stop that.

What do you do when you’re not working?


What is the most inspiring part about living and working in your city?

It looks fantastic, and has a lot of unofficial and ill-disciplinedcultural practices. It also has an incredible non-profit culture. 

How is the art world changing right now?
Less money, otherwise I don’t know that it is changing that much.  I think art schools are becoming more important.

If you could own any piece of art, what would it be?
Let’s say, Robert Frank’s The Americans.  I saw it again yesterday.

What current cultural phenomenon interests you most?
Current?  Probably blogs.  Though I’m maybe more interested just now in some historical cultural phenomena: the American Lyceum movement, the architecture of schools in the C20, and some other things to do with art, education and politics.