Gianni Jetzer


1. How did you become a curator? What were you before?
To be with art is all I asked. I was an art history student starving for vividness.

2. What was the first show you were ever responsible for?
The group show PEACE at Migros Museum in 1999, a slightly ironic statement about the millennium’s frenzy.

3. What artists/curator has had the most lasting impact on you? How did you meet that person?
Rein Wolfs, who now runs the Fridericianum in Kassel. We worked closely together from 1997 to 2001.

4. One thing you learned about curating in Europe that you can’t teach elsewhere?
Basel is not Miami.

5. What’s the most important project you’ve worked on?

There are many. Gelitin’s Flaschomat (2002), the first institutional solo show of Andro Wekua (2004), or Water in Milk Exists, Lawrence Weiner’s adult movie (2008).

6. What is the quickest amount of time in which you’ve put on an exhibition?
One spring morning in Vienna with a jet legged Gedi Sibony and an indefatigably Matthew Higgs—two of my favorite New York artists.

7. What have you noticed about a generation of young artists?
There is no innocence in art anymore.

8. The New York art community is Lady Gaga. The Swiss art community is Heidi Happy

9. Advice to young curators/gallerists?

Follow your obsessions.

10. Why do we need a non-profit in New York right now?

Variety is the soul of pleasure.