Tim Goossens


How long have you worked in your current job?

Almost 2 years

What do you like most about your job?
P.S.1 has been at the cutting edge of international contemporary art for more than 30 years now. I’ve been fortunate to work as the curatorial assistant of its founding director, Alanna Heiss, from whom I have learned a great deal. We’re a small team at the museum, working with the same beliefs. We all need to be very versatile, each according to our own abilities, interests and personalities.

What would you change about the art world?
It’s often too self-absorbed, not aware enough of what happens in the world. Art’s greatest roll is it’s commentary on society.

What do you do when you’re not working?
Exploring and meeting new people in different places. Curating shows in the US and Europe, sports, visits to museums and galleries, reading books. My mind is always on the move.

What is the most inspiring part about living and working in your city?
Living in New York is a constant source of inspiration and new ideas, which we absorb with such a high speed. Because we live so close to each other, we have no choice but to interact with people that are different from us, which often leads to enriching encounters. 

How is the art world changing right now?
I’m happy to see there is a lot of interest in performance art, and it’s history.

If you could own any piece of art, what would it be?

A fayum portrait. They date back to the Roman time in Egypt. I feel very moved by their realism and materiality.

What current cultural phenomenon interests you most?

I’m very interested in how we navigate the flow of information on the internet. Data-archiving ultimately decides what we consider as true.