303 Gallery Will Move Twice, Takes on Jacob Kassay


Chelsea’s 303 Gallery will move three blocks uptown in April, to 507 West 24th St. The gallery’s current exhibition, Doug Aitken’s “100 YRS,” will be the final show at the 21st Street space.

The new location is a provisional home for the gallery, which plans to move back to 21st Street in 2015. Developer Scott Resnick will build a high-rise to occupy the corner of 21st Street and 11th Avenue, incorporating the space in which the gallery presently resides. Upon completion of the Resnick project, 303 Gallery will move into the structure’s first two floors.

The interim 24th street post is located under the High Line and designed by New York’s studioMDA and Murdock Solon Architects, and will provide the gallery with two floors of exhibition space. It is set to open with a show of new work by Rodney Graham. Gallery owner Lisa Spellman told the New York Observer that 303 may decide to keep the 24th street facility, since the gallery plans to expand.

In the fall the 24th street location will show Jacob Kassay, who has just joined the gallery, as reported by the Observer. Best known for his lucrative silver-plated paintings, Kassay is based in Brooklyn.

Photo: Doug Aitken, Sonic Fountain, 2013. Basin with 5 underwater microphones, five computer controlled valves, pipes and rigging, 6 speakers, subwoofer, audio mixer, digital audio processor, custom valve controller, transformer, computer, monitor, water tanks, pump, hoses, cables. Dimensions variabl. Courtesy 303 Gallery