A Leotard for All Occasions: Erin Markey on YouTube


A major part of Erin Markey’s undeniable magnetism is her ability to organically inhabit a variety of personas. The link below is a playlist of ten of my favorite videos that highlight the versatility with which the artist uses her rubber-faced physicality and terrifyingly piercing blue eyes in acting roles, karaoke covers, stage appearances, and at-home webcam sketches. “Britney Spears Impression,” a 2008 video, features extreme vocal fry impersonations of the unpredictable pop singer. This early work garnered user comments like “You would’ve be really cute, if you wouldn’t do this weird stuff…” [sic]. A 2015 work, “Donna McKenzie,” introduces Markey’s bizarrely surreal character named in the title, a spot-on impersonation of an anchor reading confounding stories on the evening news. Fortunately, these ten are only a small sampling of Markey footage on YouTube. Go deep into the wormhole of the next Amy Sedaris and be sure to click through the suggested videos that appear on the side of the page. While the videos are a great place to start, you’re doing yourself a comedic disservice of the highest order if you don’t go catch the insanity in person. Lucky for you, Markey is performing several times this month in the Tina Satter/Half Straddle production Ghost Rings, for which she also co-wrote the music. Commissioned by New York Live Arts as part of its 50 & Change Commission series, tickets start at the price of a pack of cigarettes.

Visit our Erin Markey playlist here.