Anne-Imelda Radice Named Director of American Folk Art Museum


 Anne-Imelda Radice has been appointed director of the American Folk Art Museum in New York. She replaces former museum director Maria Ann Conelli, who left the museum in July 2011 after six years to become founding dean of Brooklyn College.
“We are incredibly excited to have Anne as our new director,” said Monty Blanchard, president of the Board of Trustees, in a press release. “We believe she is the ideal person to lead us.”
After struggling with debt in recent years, the museum was forced to cancel a scheduled exhibition in Venice last year and sell its recently built flagship 53rd Street location to MoMA, returning to its smaller Lincoln Center facility. This year the museum’s fortunes improved with a $1 million gift.

Radice has served in multiple government positions, most recently as director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services in both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. She was also previously the first director of the National Museum of the Women in Arts; curator of the U.S. Capitol, Office of the Architect of the U.S. Capitol; and assistant curator at the National Gallery of Art.
Radice holds a PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; an MBA from American University, and AB from Wheaton College. She also has an MA from the Villa Shiafanoia in Florence, Italy.