Andrea Rosen Gallery to Expand on 24th Street


New York’s Andrea Rosen Gallery will expand to a new space, also on 24th Street in Chelsea.

“It’s 1,350 square feet, which is small in comparison to the trend of huge second spaces,” Rosen told A.i.A. The new venue will share the name of the project room, Gallery 2, in Rosen’s existing facility.

“We’ll begin in September with an artist whom I can’t name just yet,” Rosen said. “It will be the artist’s first solo show in New York.”

The programming at Gallery 2 will range from emerging artists to historical exhibitions to projects by gallery artists.

“There’s been a Gallery 2 program since 1999, which is surprising even to me,” Rosen told A.i.A. “It’s always been a project space. Those projects have ranged from showing emerging artists to significant historical exhibitions, shows like Robert Mangold’s ’60s shaped paintings with Richard Prince car hoods, and a show of John Chamberlain foam pieces with Nauman’s Henry Moore Bound to Fail, and shows including museum loans. It’s purely about content and experience,” she said, rather than commercial appeal.

Andrea Rosen Gallery opened in 1990 with a show of Felix González-Torres, whose estate she has long represented. She discovered market powerhouse John Currin, who later moved on to Gagosian Gallery.

Rosen has dramatically expanded her roster recently, particularly in the video realm, adding photographer/sculptor/video artist Josephine Meckseper and video/installation artists Mika Rottenberg and Ryan Trecartin, as well as the collaborative practice of Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin.

Photo: Mary Barone