Artists and Cats: A Love Affair?


Cats, those darlings of the internet, will be the stars of “The Cat Show” (June 14-July 27) at New York’s White Columns. Curated by writer and artist Rhonda Lieberman, the group exhibition hopes to raise awareness of the plight of stray cats put down by overburdened pounds and shelters. Among the over 50 participating artists are Matthew Barney, Elizabeth Peyton, Richard Prince and Andy Warhol.

Subtitled “I Can Haz Art Show?” in paraphrase of the well-known blog “I Can Haz Cheezburger?”, “The Cat Show” is organized in partnership with East Village-based Social Tees Animal Rescue. On June 14 and 15 and July 19 and 20, White Columns will play host to 10 rescue kitties for “The Cats-in-Residence Program,” an adoption event that aims to find the animals a loving home. In the spirit of the show, the cats have each been christened with artists’ names such as Meowrina Abramovic, Alex Katz, Bruce Meowman and Claws Oldenburg.

This is not the first feline/fine art crossover. Last year’s Internet Cat Video Festival at Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center drew an estimated 10,000 visitors, and is currently on tour with upcoming stops in Vienna and the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul.