David Lewis and Balice Hertling Part Ways


David Lewis will separate from Balice Hertling & Lewis, the New York outpost of Paris’s Galerie Balice Hertling that opened in Hell’s Kitchen in September 2011, Alexander Hertling told A.i.A. by phone from Paris today.

“We regret David’s departure,” Hertling told A.i.A., but he also said, “We respect and accept his decision.”

Future plans for the New York venue, including name and location, are in development, Hertling told A.i.A., but the gallery will definitely maintain a presence in Hell’s Kitchen. “New York is important for us since many of our artists and some of our clients are based there,” he said. “We are also really excited about the city since my twin sister lives there so I’m there all the time.”

The gallery’s shows have included solos of artists such as Charles Mayton, Mary Beth Edelson and Neil Beloufa, all of whom are represented by Galerie Balice Hertling, in Paris. Programming has been stalled at the gallery since the fall, but will resume in some form this spring.

“Future programming may center more around events than classic exhibition programming,” Hertling said. “We are going to be in New York for Independent so we may have an event at the gallery at that time.”

Lewis did not reply to a request for information about his future plans.