Dominique Levy to Open Her Own New York Gallery


Dominique Lévy has announced plans to open a new eponymous gallery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the spring 2013. Lévy is the “L” in L&M Arts, the bi-coastal gallery that she has run with Robert Mnuchin since 2005. The exact location of the new gallery has yet to be announced.

Lévy, who got her start at Christie’s, where she was formerly US director of private sales of twentieth century art sales, is expected to focus primarily on post-war artists such as Yves Klein, Piet Mondrian, Alberto Giacometti, and Alexander Calder. The L&M space at E. 78th St. will remain open, but will be renamed Mnuchin Gallery in January.

Though Lévy is striking out alone in New York, where she and Mnuchin will each run their own Upper East Side space, the pair will continue to operate their Los Angeles location, which they opened in 2010, together under the L&M moniker.