Guggenheim Foundation 2014 Fellows Include Mary Reid Kelley, La Toya Ruby Frazier



New York’s John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has announced its 2014 U.S. and Canada Guggenheim Fellows.

The 178 winners were culled from a field of almost 3,000 applicants and represent 56 different disciplines in the creative arts, humanities, natural and social sciences. This year the fine arts section boasts 23 fellows, in addition to 11 in photography and 14 in film and video. The winners for each of these three categories are listed below.

The Guggenheim fellowship was established in 1925, and has granted over $315 million in grant money to more than 17,700 individuals. The prize awards funds to support a project for between six and 12 months.

Fine Arts
Lynn Aldrich
Mowry Baden
Susan Bee
Judith Belzer
Ellen Berkenblit
Kathy Butterly
Xavier Cha
Patty Chang

Pier Consagra
Anna Conway
Dorit Cypis
Nancy Davidson
Greg Drasler
Phyllis Green
Robert Hite
William Lamson
Tracy Miller
Young Min
Moon Patrick
Nickell David Sandlin
Judith Simonian
Stephanie Syjuco
Fred Valentine

Rania Attieh
Heather Courtney
Chris Doyle
Daniel Garcia
Sharon Hayes
Mark Kendall
Joshua Marston
Naeem Mohaiemen
Terence Nance
Hamid Rahmanian
Mary Reid Kelley
Lynne Sachs
Stacey Steers
Marco Williams

Robert Dawson
LaToya Ruby Frazier
Jason Fulford
Phyllis Galembo
Gregory Halpern
Brenda Kenneally
Andrew Moore
Lori Nix
Matthew Pillsbury
Mark Ruwedel
Rachel Sussman