Links Out October 21


Anthony Haden-Guest discusses Pop Life, a survey of the geneology of Pop Life from Warhol. He’s clearly seen the show before Richard Prince’s Spirital America was replaced by a portrait of an of-age Brooke Shields, and the catalogue went off sale, perhaps permanently. He discusses the role of Artforum’s Jack Bankowsky, hinting that the show had been reduced in scale from the original proposal. but not Alison Gingeras’ contribution.

Nancy Spero died Monday of heart failure resulting from a respiratory condition. In his obituary of the artist, Holland Cotter stresses the influence of Existentialism and the Vietnam War on the feminist artist’s work. The piece also emphasizes formal techniques of cutting and weaving in Spero’s work, attributing to those her popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

Frieze is passé; FIAC is suddenly au courant. This year, the fair’s 36 in operation, includes 198 modern and contemporary galleries and six dedicated to design. The fair added a new section, “A Joint Presentation of Modern Masterworks,” known in short as “The Modern Project.” Top-tier galleries select a couple of master works, making this the opposite of Frieze’s FRAME section of solo shows, which emphasizes young galleries.