Peggy Loar Resigns as NMQ Director


After four years with the National Museum of Qatar (NMQ), Peggy Loar will resign from her position as director, the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) announced today. Loar will leave in November, but QMA has yet to appoint a successor. The museum is currently being renovated by Jean Nouvel and is scheduled to reopen in 2014.

Loar will return to the United States, but she will continue to work with the museum and the QMA as an advisor. In a press statement, Loar said that her reason for leaving the position was to be back with her family in the U.S.

QMA first hired Loar as a consultant in 2008. The following year, she left her position as founding director of the Wolfsonian Museum and Research Center in Miami, Florida and Genoa, Italy, to become NMQ director. Prior to becoming director of the National Museum of Qatar, Loar had 40 years of experience in museum planning, management, design, and programming. She served as director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Traveling Exhibition Series (SITES), was the first program director for the Institute of Museum Services Washington, D.C., curator of Education and assistant director of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and served as president of the US ICOM (International Committee of Museums).