Mike Kelley Memorial Show to Open at L.A. MOCA


Just two weeks after Mike Kelley’s death, L.A. MOCA has announced that it will stage a tribute exhibition devoted to the late artist, who was found dead in his South Pasadena home on Feb. 1.

Opening Feb. 18, “A Tribute to Mike Kelley” will be at MOCA Grand Avenue through Apr. 2. He will also be included in the upcoming Whitney Biennial, which was announced before his death.

L.A. MOCA’s holdings total 34 of Kelley’s works; 23 will be featured in the show, in addition to gifts to the museum from Kelley of works by John Altoon, Cody Choi, Douglas Huebler, William Leavitt, Marie Weber and Johanna Went.

The works on view will include eight parts of Monkey Island (1982–83), a performance and installation piece that puts forth a sexual cosmology of insects and monkeys; the sculptural installation Silver Ball (1994); the installation Two and Three Dimensions (1994); and Empathy Displacement: Humanoid Morphology (2nd and 3rd Remove) #3 and #7 (1990).

Mike Kelley, Shock, 1982-83, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. The El Paso Natural Gas Company Fund for California Art